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We follow a very basic, simple strategy which is ‘Make the customer feel satisfied’. Your satisfaction is our primary motto & we thrive on your success.

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We eliminate tedious processes to ensure that a project is delivered much before the timeline. That is our promise to you. We never delay and ensure a perfect output, every single time! Because, we are the TACHYONS

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Our team comprises highly talented and experienced individuals who possess great love towards being successful. 

About Us

Tachyon DigiBiz is your new Digital Marketing Partner. We established ourselves as a Private Limited Company in 2021. However, we were born natural as ‘Digital Marketers’ which led to the formation of Tachyon DigiBiz as a company.


To Travel FASTER THAN LIGHT and put a smile on every client’s face.


To make “Digital Marketing” reach the last-most person in the world through Digital Marketing Network.


Semper Celer meaning Always FAST

Clients We've Worked With

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Why Choose Us?

Tachyon DigiBiz is Chennai’s fast growing Digital Marketing Agency, preferred by smart people to get their Digital promotions skyrocket like never before. Our delivery timelines are BEST in industry.

Each member in Tachyon has more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Website designing, Logo Designing & Software development for both computer & mobile. In all, our team comes as a complete package.

Have a Project on mind?

Get in touch with us today to share your ideas and requirements. We have a dedicated design team who are ready to work and deliver any project just like the way you imagined.

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

We’d like to make it simple. Complication & delay are two long gone old pals, as far as you prefer ‘Tachyon DigiBiz’ as your Digital Marketing Partner. Join us today to make your business take that “Right turn in the Right time”

Meet the TACHYONs

Highly Motivated Team with Great sense of humour

Our team consists of various people from various background, each coming from different parts of the city in years & years of experience, all for one reason. To be a “TACHYON”

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